The Best Books for Military Spouses

Updated: Apr 3

A growing list of must-have books for military spouses to enjoy.

As a mother, my time allowance for reading is minimal, but I have always found a sense of peace in a good book. If you’re like me and you don’t have much time to devote to a novel, then consider checking out one of the bible studies on the list!

Disclaimer: This article does have some affiliate links in it. By making a purchase through one of the links below I could receive a small commission. The commission doesn't cost you anything extra!

Novels for military spouses

If you are looking for a number of good laughs combined with hard tears, then I absolutely recommend Confessions of a Military Wife or Chicken Soup for the Military Wife’s Soul. Both of those books have relatable stories that are from real military spouses. Chicken Soup for the Military Family is good as well! Can you tell the Chicken Soup series is one of my favorites?

Religious books for military spouses

Bible studies are an excellent way to bring your faith into the perspective of your lifestyle. Being a military wife comes with its own set of challenges, and surviving the constant changes requires a firm grasp on your faith. The military edition of 5 Love Languages book is one of my favorite couples bible studies. My husband and I have done two different series of the 5 Love Languages bible studies because they're so captivating.

Making time for reading

Hopefully, you’ll be geared towards reading now that you’ve seen my list of books for military spouses. When you have something that interests you, you’re much more likely to pencil it into your day. Grab a book and start waking up 30-minutes before your children. After a few days of adjusting to the earlier wake time, you’ll be appreciative of your alone time. If you’re a total night owl like me, then flip that around and stay up an extra 30 minutes each night to read. It is a good way to unwind before you go to bed. For those questioning how they can possibly fit an extra 30 minutes into their day.. LEAVE IT IN THE BATHROOM! Your family might wonder why you’re going to the bathroom so often all of the sudden, but hey, you need to take time for yourself!

I hope you’ll start making time in your schedule to read. Whether you have 30-minutes a day or two hours, you need time for yourself. Add reading to your self-care agenda! Do you have any books for military spouses that you recommend? Please leave me a comment and let me know! For more relatable content on the military lifestyle, check out my other posts.

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