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Updated: Mar 14

I don’t know about you, but the thought of my son going to preschool almost breaks my heart. I’ve come to love teaching him at home, and we’ve built quite the collection of resources. I know a lot of other toddler moms have asked which are my favorites, so I’m sharing the best educational toys for toddlers! These are perfect Christmas or birthday gifts, so add them to your Amazon wishlist!

Disclaimer: This article does have some affiliate links in it. By making a purchase through one of the links below I could receive a small commission. The commission doesn't cost you anything extra!

Hands-on learning

I am totally a hands-on person, and Colten has adopted that same learning style. As a 10-month old he would flip cars over and roll the wheels with two fingers. It was incredible to see his fascination with things that moved. His obsession with cars made it hard to get him interested in anything else, but these toys did the trick!

Screen free Toys

For starters, I’m not a screen free mama. We don’t typically watch a lot of TV, but that is just because I forget to turn it on. I work from home, so he does some independent play time in the morning, and that is how I’ve started bringing in the educational toys!

Kid's Puzzles

Puzzles are a great resource for learning. Not only is it challenging the brain to fit the pieces together, but your child is also working on their patience.. Having said that, maybe I should make my son do puzzles MULTIPLE times a day haha.

This puzzle is one of my favorites because it serves multiple purposes. With this flashcard style puzzle you’re matching letters to objects, but you can also break the learning down into learning letters alone, etc. For any traveling parents, you can easily pack these in the car.

Drawing mats for kids

This is a toy that really grows with your child. There is no worry of marker on the walls when you purchase this drawing mat. I think one of my favorite bonuses to the drawing mat is the fact that it introduces imagination into play. You’re working with hand-eye coordination, but your child is also bringing out their creativity. Drawing is a form of play that can absolutely encourage kids to self-entertain.

Writing Workbook

Sure, you could probably make one of these yourself.. But would you actually do it? Probably not! Don’t feel bad. We all have really good intentions, but we’re busy. Skip scouring the internet for worksheets and buy the writing workbook. For little ones with older siblings, they’ll enjoy thinking they have homework like their big brother and sister.

Noisy toys for toddlers

Again, I’m not against screen time. I feel as if it is naive to think we can hide screens from our children in a world where technology is taking over. We don’t necessarily limit screen time in our house, but to be honest we don’t spend too much time glued to screens. I have listed a few options below for educational toys for toddlers that are screen friendly.

Electronic Drawing Pad

Leapfrog has always made some of the best learning toys in my opinion. I used to love to read with the leapfrog books that you would use the stylus to point to words. I bought my son this drawing pad that they have, and it has been a huge hit. I’m putting it on the technology side of toys since it does require batteries.

Kid’s Tablet

We only bring out the tablet for road trips, but my son loves it! You can easily access Disney Plus, Netflix, or any of the other streaming services you have and download movies to watch on the road. I like the fact that there are a number of parental controls on the tablet as well.

Leapfrog Laptop

This sweet little Leapfrog laptop has been a huge learning tool for my son! He loves to mimmic me working on the computer, and carries around his little laptop. What can I say? Leapfrog toys were my favorite as a kid as well! This little laptop has different settings for songs, learning numbers, learning letters, and much more!

What toys currently have your little one's attention?! I’d love to hear about any learning toys that your children enjoy.

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