Tips for Sending Your Soldier Mail

Updated: Apr 6

All your love in one box, headed overseas.. These are important tips for sending your soldier mail. Your spouse, or maybe even your friend, made it to wherever they’re going to spend the next couple months, without you and your family.. Yikes.

If they’re your spouse, then you probably spent the last few weeks preparing for their departure. The house is a little too quiet now, and you already miss them. It has only been two days since they left, but nonetheless, you miss them.

The bright side of deployments

The only exciting part about your spouse being deployed is the extra deployment money.. And the opportunity you get to kick your creativity into overdrive, and send them care packages. If you’re anything like me, then you scrolled through Pinterest while you were laying in bed, and pinned about a million ideas. You’ll probably only send about 5 packages, but YGG!

Shipping through USPS

The US Postal Service can really stink, so there are a couple very important things to be aware of!

Shipping Supplies

Don’t buy shipping supplies! The post office supplies spouses with a ‘military care kit’ that typically includes customs forms, boxes, and tape. When you look on their website for their free boxes, you see that they only come in packages of 5+ boxes. You can also pick up some flat rate boxes for free in the post office, and ask someone who works there for a few of the customs forms.

Insuring your package

Don’t waste your money insuring your care package. I have known too many spouses who paid for tracking information, and were unable to find their packages when they “went missing”. The post office says that when the package is handed off to the USO, they’re no longer responsible for it.. AKA that insurance doesn’t cover squat.

Shipping Speed

Don’t forget that it usually takes a week or two for your package to make it to your soldier. Play it safe and don’t send a package when they’re due home in 2-3 weeks! Your package might say that it is delivered, but tracking ends a step or two before it is handed over to your soldier. The shipping address that you send your packages to is not exactly where the troops are. That address is the closest postal area.

The beauty of the flat rate priority mail boxes that the post office provides is that no matter how much it weighs, you will only pay a flat fee for shipping. Right now it is about $20 to send the largest box. Now go pack your box slam full of goodies for your loved one to enjoy!

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