What are Family Readiness Group events?

Updated: Mar 23

If you didn’t know already, FRG is the acronym for Family Readiness Group. I will be using the acronym throughout this post. If the acronym FRG still confuses the heck out of you, then check out my post about joining the family readiness group!

What are FRG events?

Family Readiness Group events are an incredible way for spouses to meet each other.

Sometimes FRG events are free and other times there is a price involved. The FRG attempts to offset the price of their events by holding fundraisers, so snag some gear for yourself. Make sure you are sharing the fundraisers on your social media, too. Mothers of soldiers tend to go crazy over fundraisers.

There are many types of FRG events, so something they do has to appeal to you!  I am a game night kind of girl, but there are some people who prefer the events that are more laid back like simple potlucks. Not all of the FRG events are family friendly. What?! Are you kidding me?!

Before you’re jump to judge my last statement, understand this:

The FRG was created to cater to the needs of military spouses as well as keeping them informed. (AKA they are typically more active during deployments.) They know that the typical military family has multiple kids. You might even have your own soccer team.

Some events will be kid friendly!  There are many events that are put on to cater to entire units that are centered around children (ie. easter egg hunts). BUT there is also a need for spouses to have a relaxing time and adult socialization. These events are pretty much adult playdates, so why aren’t you utilizing them?

Where do you come in?

I don’t know how many times I have to say it.. GO TO THESE EVENTS! The FRG leaders volunteer to organize and hold these events out of the goodness of their hearts. Yes, there is a paid family readiness coordinator, but their position entails much more than creating events. They cater to spouse needs around the clock. Just show up!

You will be amazed at the connections you will make with the spouses that are going through the same thing that you are. Grab a sitter, and take some time to be an adult for goodness sake. No excuses! When you get into the groove of attending events, you will wonder why in the world you didn’t start sooner. You may not be ready to join the FRG, but you should definitely support the FRG.

How to find out about FRG events

If you’re looking to attend some of the Family Readiness Group events, then you have to make yourself known. Stop hiding in your shell being a hermit. The best way to find out what events are on the calendar is to reach out to some of the wives of the higher ranked troops. If your husband is the service member, then they probably don’t know squat about the FRG.. Just being honest!

Facebook is an FRG hotspot. Communication is free and easy. Join the spouse pages for the base you are at, and ask who is the FRG leader for your significant other’s unit. 

Shoot an email over to your FRG leader to get the ball rolling on communication. Email is another great resource for getting the word out about FRG events as well as things that will take place with the unit like awards ceremonies and schedules.

Loving someone in the military is always easy, but loving the lifestyle can be tough.  Utilize the FRG events to meet spouses in your significant other’s unit. When deployment rolls around you will appreciate the people who understand the military lifestyle.

Family Readiness Group events are pretty much like adult playdates. They do much more than make you sit through boring pre-deployment briefs.

Help out the FRG Leaders

If you attend an event and it is a complete bore, then check out my list of 60 FRG events, and suggest some to the leadership! Good FRG leaders are always open to new event ideas to increase the group engagement!

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