Restrictions on Military Families due to the Coronavirus

It comes at no surprise that lifestyles have been drastically changed around the world due to the current pandemic, but restrictions on military families continue to increase.

While most people find themselves working from home and ordering their groceries online, but the US military is facing a number of different inconveniences.

Base restrictions on military families

Military bases have been closely monitoring the Coronavirus, and the restrictions on bases have continued to increase. When things began, masks were suggested for visitors and required for service members, but life went along. In more recent times, base seems like a ghost town. No one is allowed on base without a military ID. Visitation has been shut down.

Current restrictions have mask requirements for all of base until the pandemic has passed. Service members are even required to have certain colored masks to wear with their uniforms.

Drive-thru testing

After you make it through the makeshift compound entrance to base, you’re stuck in a line of cars for drive-thru Coronavirus testing. I hope people are putting their cars in park before they take a nice long q-tip to the brain. Some service members have been tested multiple times due to outbreaks in their units.

In the sam parking lot as testing, cars are lining up to pick up their prescriptions. The pharmacy technicians at Hunter Army Airfield have been bringing RXs to cars for months now, in all sorts of weather.

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Closures on post

Hunter Army Airfield has seen a number of closures beyond the pharmacy being moved outdoors. The commissary and gyms have been closed due to possible outbreaks. The pool and splash pads have been closed as well. Hunter seems to be taking a number of precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus. The commissary being temporarily closed is NOTHING compared to catching the virus, but it is still inconvenient for the families living on base. Military news has noted that a number of commissaries have limited their hours and who they are allowing in the store.

Coming from a military family that lives off post; living on base currently seems to be a slightly inconvenient measure for families attempting to social distance themselves. Delivery services are no longer allowed on base, so you can’t order your groceries online unless you use a major service like Amazon that is delivered through USPS / UPS / Fedex.

Travel restrictions due to the current pandemic

Military families around the globe have been hit with a number of travel restrictions at the hands of COVID-19. Pre-deployment leaves have been cancelled, deployments have been extended, quarantines have taken over. A number of military members have suggested that the restrictions that the pandemic has placed on them has affected their moral.

“We aren’t allowed to travel outside of a 50-mile radius, so we couldn’t see our families before my husband left for deployment. On top of that, he had to quarantine on base for two weeks before he was even allowed to deploy. It has been a weird year” – Anonymous submission (Ft Leonard Wood)

National Guard’s Reactivation

War and natural disasters typically set the stage for the reactivation of many National Guard members. COVID-19 threw the USA a curve ball.

The pandemic caused an influx of hospital and doctors visits, and increased helping hands are desperately needed across America. Many Guard members are finding themselves being temporarily reactivated. They’re traveling to major cities for germ control and administering testing. They aided the frontline workers in attempting to control the spread of COVID-19 through medical care and cleaning facilities.

One Army National Guard soldier, Ken Yasger, put his political campaign on hold to be of service to his country. How many politicians do you know that are that honest and dedicated to this country?

Needless to say, it has been a weird year. No one expected for the Coronavirus to spread so quickly; We didn’t think it would stick around as long as it has.

Military families are accustomed to time apart, but the increased restrictions on military families has moral running low.

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