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Small Business Spotlight- Savage Tactical

There is a workhorse of a man behind Savage Tactical. He is active duty Army. Twelve long years he has spent serving this country. Day in and day out he reports to work, and following his shifts for Uncle Sam, he runs his own business. The only time the man is closed is deployment!

You can tell he is resilient, dedicating his limited free time to perfect his craft and build his business.

He’s proof that you don’t need a storefront to run a successful operation.

He started by creating pieces for friends, and we all know word spreads like wildfire!

Savage Tactical officially came to life in 2015.

© Savage Tactical

When you reach out to Craig at Savage Tactical you can expect the most down to earth customer service.

Your ideas mixed with his skills and behold there are masterpieces!

He does not simply pull your item from a stack of readymade stock.

He is a handyman, a professional woodworker, who just recently accepted help on his production line. Of course, he did not call himself a professional or the king of craft, I’m taking it upon myself to label him as such.

He’s entirely too humble to be outright like that.

© Savage Tactical
© Savage Tactical

It is hard to bring in help when your craft is truly producing products that are a direct representation of your creativeness.

When I spoke to Craig that was his response for me when I asked him to give me a rundown on the products he sold.. He referred to them as his ‘creativeness’. (AKA another huge plus for this business is that his stuff is made right here in the USA!) Each piece is unique.

He is supplying people with handmade signs, plaques, wall art, and much more.

His work is exceptional.

The internet is filled with average looking plaques that are well overpriced and subpar in quality.

Savage tactical is squashing supposed competition.

He has repeat customers who have received their signs, seen the excellent craftsmanship, and now refuse to go elsewhere.

He is shipping all across the USA!

© Savage Tactical

There may not be a storefront right now, but keep an eye out because Savage Tactical is on the rise!

A garage workshop won’t hold this busy company for much longer.

Don’t worry, the garage has not limited his success.

© Savage Tactical

Reach out to Savage Tactical for your next patriotic memorabilia. 

You can find him on Facebook as well as Instagram

Always remember, RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!

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This is not a paid post. As always, these are my truthful opinions.

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