How to Save Time Cleaning Your House

You need to save time cleaning and spend more time focused on self-care.

Remember when you lived at home with your parents and your mom used to dedicate an entire Sunday to cleaning up the house?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore if you start using these tips and save time cleaning.

I never looked forward to Sunday afternoons or having guests. I think my mom would’ve preferred to have burned the house down over cleaning it. It always confused me why she would ask me to help her clean, but then go behind me and do it again!

Then I became a dog mom.. and then a married woman.. and then a real mom..


No one can clean your house like you do.

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How to Save Time Cleaning Your House– Tips everyone can benefit from!

Did you know that the cleanliness of your home can actually have a direct effect on your mental health?

Psychologists on Elite Daily suggest that your mental well-being can be negatively effected by an unorganized living space. Trust me, cleaning will improve your mental health as well as adding in a little workout!

Cleaning your kitchen

When you’re considering cooking, do you ever shy away because you know daily cooking means daily kitchen cleaning?

If you find ways to work it into your daily routine versus cleaning the whole kitchen at once, then you’ll be saving yourself time! Start by cleaning up your counters as soon as messes are made. If you have to scrub the counters because you let the food sit overnight, then you’re causing yourself more time and muscle.

There are a couple appliances that you don’t have to clean every single day, but still need refreshing. I find that my microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and stove fall into those categories. Clean from top to bottom. No, I’m not saying you have to clean the tops of your cabinets on a weekly basis, but you should take that statement literally! There is an effective order to cleaning.

Microwave > Stove top > Counters > Sinks (garbage disposal first) > Oven > Fridge > Dishwasher > Floor

Pop a coffee cup half full of white vinegar and half full of water into the microwave for a minute while you’re doing something else like emptying the dishwasher. White vinegar disinfects, and the steam will break everything loose that splattered in the microwave. You will be able to quickly wipe out the microwave instead of having to scrub it.

Use the warm white vinegar from the microwave to clean the stove top, counters, and your sink. There is a time hack and a money hack! If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, then clean it before you clean your sink. In order to clean the garbage disposal, start by turning it on with some ice cubes in the sink. After a minute of the disposal crunching up the ice, turn on hot water. Nasty dark water will back up in the sink temporarily until the disposal finishes with the ice. Dump the remainder of the white vinegar into the disposal and clean your sink.

Food crumbs will fall onto the counter from the microwave, and from the counters onto the floor, so make sure you’re cleaning in the right order! You don’t want to have to repeat any cleaning because that takes up even more time.

How to keep your house clean when you've got kids and a busy schedule. Motherhood requires so much of your time, and the house suffers because of it. Spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your kids and taking care of yourself! Save time cleaning with a planned schedule.

Cleaning your bathrooms

I think cleaning bathrooms is worse than any other chore, but I seem to have to do it the most often! Thankfully, I figured out a number of hacks on how to save time cleaning my bathrooms.

Pick up the floor > Spray shower > Take out the trash > Clean counters/ mirrors > Scrub toilet > Clean shower > Sweep/ mop floors

Start off your bathroom cleaning by picking up any towels or clothes laying on the floor. Pull off the shower curtain as well. Throw those in the washer if you’ve got a full load and get them started. Actually, start off by making your kids or husband pick up everything they left on the floor!! Mom isn’t the one that leaves things laying around.

Spray your cleaning solution the shower walls and add about an inch of water into the tub. If you’re a natural mama, then put some peroxide or vinegar into inch of water. If you’re a mom that just wants to get stuff clean, then throw a half of a cup of bleach into the water. To give everything a little while longer to clean itself, round up the bathroom trash.

After you’ve sprayed the shower down, then move on to cleaning the sink and mirror. After those are clean, scrub the toilet. I use cleaning tabs in my toilet so I don’t have to scrub the bowl as often. Toilet tabs help breakdown the buildup in the bowl. I’ve linked those tabs in my favorite product list near the end of this article.

Once you’re done with the nasty toilet, head back and scrub the shower. Letting the bleach sit in the shower will help return it to its previous bright white state without you having to throw out your shoulder scrubbing!

Like I advised before in my kitchen cleaning hacks, leave the floors for last. You’re going to be knocking things off the counter, so theres no need to clean the floor twice. You definitely have to mop if you’ve got messy kids… or boys.

Cleaning your main rooms

The main focus for keeping your main rooms clean is to cut down on the clutter. Give things homes! The countertop is not a home.. Neither is the dining room table. I use labeled basket organization to help cut down on the clutter in my house.

All the living room designated baby toys get picked up and put back in their basket beside the TV stand on a nightly basis. I toss the throw pillows back on the couch and fold up the blankets after I’ve picked everything up off of the floor. Doing those simple things make my home appear much neater, and it helps to keep my anxiety down.

I use two tools to help keep my floors clean. First, I have a robot vacuum that I’ve named Sally. She’s an off-brand Amazon vacuum that has been SUCH a great investment. Having a pup in the house means the floors really need to be swept on a daily basis, but I just don’t have the time! I turn Sally on while I’m cleaning other rooms in the house. After Sally is done I use my floor steamer. It is the best mop ever because my floors dry so quickly! It heats the water up extremely fast, and I love that it comes with 2 washable mop head covers.

The benefits of cleaning more often

Whenever you start cleaning more, you’ll understand the benefits in living life with less ‘stuff’.

I found it much easier to let go of things that sat around in my house because I had no interest in cleaning them.

I didn’t use them, but I had led myself to believe that I had an emotional connection to them.. A few years ago, I was the person that held onto things just because I felt GUILTY letting them go.

Now I live a life where my goal is simply to save time cleaning.

Plus, I really don’t need to be hoarding a bunch of stuff when this military life could have us packing up to move at the drop of a hat!

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The best cleaning products

  • Vinegar: I use vinegar for cleaning everything. Literally everything. It is so cheap, and more natural than harsh, chemical-filled cleaning products.
  • Bar keeper’s friend: Pour it on and walk away. It does the hard work so you don’t have to scrub your life away. Rust? Gone. Build up? Gone. When I discovered Bar Keeper’s Friend my shoulder quit hurting, HA! I don’t like the spray bottle version of this cleaner as much as the squeeze bottle. I use this on my stove top as well as in my bathroom.
  • Toilet bowl gel: Count me in if there is a way to save time cleaning. I hate scrubbing toilets. It is so nasty. I use these Scrubbing Bubbles gel sticks in every single bathroom, and my parents use them as well!
  • Robot Vacuum: I LOVE my robot vacuum. I have this awesome off-brand ILIFE vacuum that does the dirty work for me so I no longer have to vacuum my house on a daily basis. There was actually a coupon on Amazon for $20 off the last time I checked.
  • Swiffer duster: No dangerous ladders or coughing over dusting your fans up close. This extendable handle Swiffer Duster is a must-have.
  • Steam mop: I’ve had my Bissell steam mop for 4 years and it is still going strong! I use this for my luxury vinyl flooring. It comes with a washable head, so you’re saving money not having to replace the mop pads all the time!

Sample cleaning schedule

A sample cleaning schedule for busy people. This list includes a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning schedule. Save time cleaning by planning and organizing your days.

Stop dedicating your precious time to cleaning your house. Spend less time cleaning and more time laying in the sun or running after your kids.

You can have a clean house and enjoy free time too!!

What are you doing to keep your house clean without spending your life scrubbing the walls?

Downsize your possessions

If you want to find an effective and more permanent option for cleaning your home, then you need to start downsizing your possessions.

Do you have any electronics, jewelry, or clothing that you no longer need / use? Stop holding onto things that you aren’t using.

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It is time to downsize your home and keep it tidy!

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