Where to Find Scholarships for Military Kids

College is extremely expensive. The thought of having your children take on extensive debt to secure a college education is sickening.. One way to lessen their load is to encourage them to apply for all of the available scholarships for military children.

I don’t plan on talking about the GI Bill in this article, but I will have more to come on that subject soon!

If you’ve followed along with my journey as a military spouse, then you know that I’ve jumped into this community with both feet. I dedicate a lot of time to help fellow military families. I don’t want to pat myself on the back, I love what I do. This is simply to encourage you to invest in your community as well. Knowledge that isn’t shared is wasted.

One of my investments includes volunteer time for a non profit called Gold Star Scholars. I’ve talked about them previously, and you can read more about my thoughts on their platform here. In short, I work with them to find education benefits for military families. I’ve decided to share some of the scholarships I’ve found!

AMVETS National Scholarships

You can apply to the AMVETS national scholarships between January and April. Make sure to check their website for specific requirements.

AMVETS NSF Scholarships

This scholarship is only open to high school seniors. Six scholarships are awarded annually, to the children and grandchildren of military veterans. The scholarships are each worth $4,000. Check their website for specific requirements.

Scholarships for Military Children Program

Brought to you by the commissary, 500 scholarships are awarded annually. Scholarships are worth $2,000 each. See their website for specific requirements.

Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship

Available for the unmarried dependents of injured or fallen veterans. Scholarship amounts vary. Check their website for more details.

Do you know of any other scholarships for military children?

Please share them in the comments, so I can continue to grow this list!

If you are a family that is looking to sponsor a scholarship that will help a military family receive an education, then please check out our mission at Gold Star Scholars. Help us make a difference in the lives of military families that have lost a loved one.

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