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Small Businesses in Savannah, Georgia

Whether you find yourself moving to the area or merely visiting, make sure you are supporting the small businesses in Savannah!

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If you know of a family-owned company that should be featured in this list of small business in Savannah, then please have them fill out this form!

You can click on the individual business names to visit their website.

Food / Catering

  • Salsa Sifuentes is a one of a kind homemade salsa distributor offering a 24-hour turnaround time.
Small businesses in the Savannah, Georgia area include those that provide food and catering services.

Healthcare / Nutrition

Small businesses in the Savannah area include those that provide nutrition and massage services.


  • Valor and Vinyl creates all sorts of personalized items including t-shirts, custom water bottles, and more.
  • Love and Light has everything you can think of in the way of home decor and apparel.
  • Rose Vinyl is a handmade shop that provides custom apparel, faux vinyl accessories, and more.
There are small businesses in the Savannah, Georgia area that include retail stores.

Art / Digital

Savannah has small businesses that include art prints and photography.


I’m looking to add businesses in the legal field to my master list! Please submit your business information.

There are multiple legal resources provided by small businesses in Savannah, Georgia.

Home services

Savannah is home to a number of small businesses that offer home repairs and other services.


  • Prewitt’s Automotive is a family-owned auto repair shop that offers car services as well as accessories like level kits.
There are multiple family-owned small businesses offering car repairs in Savannah.


Savannah has multiple educational based small businesses that offer services like music lessons.


  • Gems Collins offers business coaching and consulting. [FB @gemscollins1 / IG @gems.collins]
There are small businesses in Savannah, Georgia that offer business coaching and services.

Know of another small business in Savannah?

If you know of a small business in Savannah that you think should be included in this master list, then please leave a comment below. I am always looking for more businesses to feature, and I would love to update this list on a weekly basis!

As you can see, there are so many incredible small businesses in Savannah!

Go out and support your community. Make sure to go check out all of the military owned small businesses as well!

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