Being Stationed at Hunter Army Airfield

The little cornerstone base of Hunter Army Airfield, also known as HAAF, is located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. 

The location might be small, but there is a lot packed into Hunter.

I gathered some prime points about the positives and negatives of being stationed at Hunter Army Airfield.

Being stationed in Savannah at Hunter Army Airfield isn't all that bad. The military's hidden secret paradise.

The Positives


  • The pharmacy is in the same building as the doctor’s offices, so you can easily walk over to pick up your medicine after appointments.
  • On prime insurance you can be seen at the facility on Hunter Army Airfield, or you can be seen at the Richmond Hill Medical Home.
  • The patient advocate’s office is in the medical building on Hunter Army Airfield.

Family aspect-

  • Hunter is a family-friendly base. There are toddler Tuesday meet-ups, multiple playgrounds, child-centered events, a pool, a few splash pads,  and multiple childcare facilities. 
  • Savannah offers a wide range of family-friendly places and activities.
  • There is an elementary school that is right outside of base.
  • There is a pool on base with lifeguards. 


  • To be such a small base, there are multiple housing neighborhoods. 
  • Neighborhoods have large playground areas.
  • There is a hotel on base for temporary stay.
  • There are 3 gates to access Hunter Army Airfield.


  • There is a church on base with multiple services.
  • The airport is only 30 minutes away.
  • The beach is only 30 minutes away.
  • 2 prominent hospitals within 15 minutes of base.
  • Downtown has a very large social scene.
  • There are multiple colleges near base.
  • There are 2 gas stations on post. 
  • There is 1 Exchange and 1 Commissary on post.

The Negatives


  • There is not a hospital on base. You have the choice of attending a hospital off base or driving the hour to Fort Stewart to the nearest military hospital.
  • There is a high turnover rate for doctors on base, but that is pretty standard. [You do have the choice to be seen at the facility on base or at the Richmond Hill Medical Home.]

Family aspects-

  • Hunter is PACKED with kids. There is always a waiting list for childcare on base. There are multiple childcare facilities, but unfortunately there just aren’t enough available spots.
  • There are not schools on base.


  • There is typically a waitlist for housing. 
  • The neighborhood with the most frequent openings is Wilson Acres. That neighborhood desperately needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt.
  • Many people report waiting days for maintenance to come, even in situations that are emergencies.


  • The airport nearby is very small, and most flights require a transfer in Atlanta.

If you’re headed this way, then you have nothing to fear.

Savannah is a wonderful place to live, and you have a lot of opportunities at your finger tips. 

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives here! 

Your situation is always what YOU make of it.

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