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Now, I’m not usually one for internet relationships, but this crazy broad just so happened to be in my ‘community’. No, not my geographical community. She’s in the lovely community of Ranger families.

She really didn’t give me a choice of being her friend.

It all happened so fast.

Next thing I knew, we were texting all the time… She definitely swindled me into giving her my number. 

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The Lewnited States blog digital design

The face behind The Lewnited States

Leslie Watts is the beautiful face behind The Lewnited States.

She is a bladder cancer warrior, and veteran spouse.

She is hilariously quirky, and always up to no good. Her husband Cam is the same way.

They have two pups, a black lab and a black chihuahua. They’re rotten, and they have Leslie and Cam pinky wrapped.

Leslie is a great friend of mine, and even one of my partners! We throw ideas back and forth on a regular basis for relative and creative content. 

The Lewnited States blog owner

The Lewnited States Blog

The Lewnited States blog is a tribute to all of the military community.

Leslie started working within the military community while her husband Cam was an Army Ranger stationed in Savannah, GA. 


When her husband got out of the army and they left Georgia she felt like losing the military community left her in a rut. She decided to take her blogging skills, and start her own platform.

Her blog is a wonderful resource for stories from all viewpoints of the military life. Girlfriends, brothers, wives, children.. Everyone is welcome to submit their stories on her blog.

You can check out her blog by visiting her website, or on the Milsomuster app. The Milsomuster app is available in the google play store as well as the app store. 

The takeaway

So ya know, internet relationships aren’t all that bad when you’re an adult.

(Kids need to remember stranger danger is real and internet relationships are a scary thing)

As an adult, virtually meeting people in your relative ‘community’ can turn out to be an incredible thing.

The real takeaway is that you are totally missing out if you haven’t checked out Leslie’s blog yet!

The Lewnited States is a military spouse owned small business that you need to support.


I am always looking for more veteran owned small businesses to support.

If you are interested in collaborating, then you can check out my policies here. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

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