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5 Important Things to Teach Your Daughters

Out of my own life experiences, I am passing along my top five important things for you to teach your daughters.

If you’re a girl parent, then you know how daughters can be strong-willed and hard headed.. (I might be speaking from experience) But these lessons are things that they will carry through their adult life and pass onto their own children.

Teach your daughters to be individuals, to be brave, to be educated, to be honest, and to be independent.

Encourage individuality

I was raised in an incredibly loving household. My parents were leaders and parents.. not just my friend. Sometimes they made decisions I didn’t agree with, but the beauty of it all was that at the end of the day I was allowed to be my own person.

They wanted me to follow my dreams and they encouraged me to do so. As parents they taught me their opinions without making me feel as if I was FORCED to follow them.

Encouraging individuality includes religion. Teach your daughters what you know, and allow them to educate themselves on their own as well.

Examples of encouraging individuality

  • You should go to college where you feel led to go.
  • You don’t have to try out for the team just because all of your friends are.

Examples of discouraging individuality

  • I want you to go to school at ______ because that is where I went.
  • You need to join ____ not _____ because that is what will really look good to colleges.
Teach your daughters to be educated women.

Encourage bravery

A key part of encouraging your daughters to be individuals is to teach them how to be brave.

They need the courage to be whomever they want to be. You have to be brave to break the chains and stand against the norm of society.

You can encourage bravery in your daughters by uplifting them and complimenting them. Use phrases like ‘that was really brave of you’ and ‘that was a huge step for you’.

By acknowledging and complimenting their decisions, you are encouraging them to do the things that seem hard.

Encourage education

Encourage your daughters to seek out an education. Not only should you encourage them to go to college or a trade school, but also to do research on their own.

Being educated makes you a more competitive potential employee. Their education combined with their bravery to apply and their unique personality, they will be highly desired by employers.

Don’t control their educational desires. If they want to go to a trade school, encourage it! If they want to take a gap year, support them! Forcing your child to attend the school you want them to go to, or to major in the subject that you like is not supporting their individual education needs.

Teach your daughters to be independent women.

Encourage honesty

Teach your daughters not only to be honest with others, but to be honest with themselves. Both of those forms of honesty are essential for living a well rounded life.

Being honest with yourself means that you sit down and think about the path you’re on and decide whether it truly reflects who they want to be and what they want to achieve. You don’t settle because you’ve already invested time. If you find that something you’ve committed time and effort into are no longer benefiting your life, then admit it to yourself and leave the situation.

Being honest with others is deeper than it seems. Engrain in your daughters that it is important to speak up for themselves. Teach them to voice their opinions when they feel like they’re being treated unfairly. Prepare them to say no when a situation doesn’t feel right.

Encourage your daughters to stick to their individuality and be honest with themselves as well as others.

Encourage independence

The combination of the other four important things to teach your daughters, independence should come naturally to them. They’ll be unique enough to set goals, educated enough to know what they want out of their lives, and they’ll be brave enough to strive for it!

You want your daughter to be independent. You have to teach them how to achieve that independence. Showcase the skills that are necessary for owning a home and a vehicle. Your daughters shouldn’t only know how to cook, clean, and raise children. There is much more to life than that.

Inform your daughters about the maintenance their homes need. Show them how to hand shelves. Help them understand the parts of their vehicle. Point out to them the regularly occurring maintenance that is essential. More importantly, help them research honest repair shops in their area like MBT of Atlanta.

MBT of Atlanta

MBT of Atlanta is a professional shop where your daughter can take their vehicle to be repaired without being charged three times the price because they’re a woman and assumed to be ignorant on the subject of car maintenance. This shop does it all. They will service your car for collision repairs, key replacements, and they even offer Mercedes engine repair in Atlanta!

Their website hosts a number of 5-star reviews for their kindness and honesty. You want your daughters to be honest people, so surround them with honest people! MBT of Atlanta will help them with their vehicle independence.

Repair technician at MBT Atlanta working on an engine.

Teach your daughters to be individuals. Encourage them to be fiercely brave. Push them towards the path of education. Talk to them about the importance of honesty. Plead with your daughters to be independent.

Instilling these 5 lessons in your daughters will set them up to be unstoppable.

Take the time to teach your daughters.

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