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Small Business Spotlight- Tier One Nutrition

Tier One Nutrition

He wakes up and heads off to work for Uncle Sam. She wakes up to take care of their kiddos, and heads down to the hospital at night to deliver babies.

Somehow with each of them working other jobs,  raising children, and entertaining pups, they still managed to launch an incredible nutrition company.

Nathaniel and Jessica Cook are the owners of Tier One Nutrition in Savannah, Georgia. 

They started their business back in November of 2018, and in February of 2019 they opened up their storefront!

Their store is packed with tons of products. They have protein powders, general wellness products, vitamins, and that is only to name a few. 

Their focus is not dialed in on weight gain or body building by any means; they have much more to offer to the general public. 

You can actually shop their entire selection online, and have it delivered right to your doorstep. They ship all across the USA. They even offer shipping to APO addresses (Hello military families supporting each other.. AKA this is the perfect deployment gift idea!!).

They stand by their commitment to the United States, and all of their products are manufactured right here in America. They make it their priority to support other small businesses that share those same values. 

The Tier One Nutrition apparel they offer is manufactured by Task Force Ranger Apparel

I knew when I heard about all they stood for, that I had to promote them. I am all about small businesses, and even more so when they do their best to support other likeminded small shops versus crutching on big monopoly companies.

If you are lucky enough to live in Savannah, or find yourself passing through the area, then stopping by is well worth the effort. 

Savannah residents definitely need to give back to businesses that regularly support community charities like Tier One Nutrition does! They back the Nine Line Foundation, and are looking to dive into even more community events. 

You can see that they are extremely community and family oriented people, and it is obvious in their customer service. 

You can read their wonderful google reviews, but you can also take it from me firsthand!

When I walked in their shop, I was immediately greeted, and it was obvious to me that they are genuinely friendly people. This was not the typical greeting where you know the person is only saying hello because in some way they have to. 

While I was talking to them, two customers came in. One man was a repeat, and the other was his friend and fellow soldier. When Nathaniel asked where the second man had heard about Tier One Nutrition, the man said that his friend was persistent in stopping by during their lunch break.

In the short time that they have been open, they have already formed lasting relationships and gained repeat customers. 

Along with their awesome customer service, they offer competitive prices, and a loyalty program. Large corporations do not value your business like Tier One Nutrition does.

 To monopolies you are just another receipt, another check in their deep pockets. Shop small and shop with Tier One Nutrition. 

Go follow them on Instagram as well as on Facebook to stay updated on their regular giveaways!

Tier One Nutrition is located 7400 Abercorn st. Suite 705 facing Hodgkins Memorial Blvd. 

Their hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm. 

Their store is less than ten minutes from Hunter Army Airfield.

If you are interested in discovering more small businesses you can support, then check them out here!

This is not a paid post. This is my honest opinion on the character of this small business.

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