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Exciting Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I absolutely can’t wait for Christmas this year. My little boy will be 19 months old, so the excitement factor of the holidays will be booming in our household. I’ve been planning for a while now, and I’ve decided to share my favorite toddler stocking stuffer ideas.

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A list of over 10 toddler stocking stuffer ideas to help you get your Christmas shopping done.

I don’t want to raise him to have expectations of Christmas being based around presents, but we will be exchanging gifts as well as teaching him the real meaning behind Christmas.

Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

My husband’s family has always done stockings, and I grew to really love it. It’s amazing to me that my mother in law is able to find such neat gifts to put in our stockings. Searching for that same creative spirit, I went on a manhunt for awesome trinkets to fill up a stocking.

Presents for having fun

  • My son got a large RC car as a surprise gift to have at his grandparent’s house, and honestly my husband was the one having so much fun driving it around. Colten thought it was hilarious to watch the car go flying through his legs. V-tech has an affordable mini RC car that makes a perfect stocking stuffer.
  • Monkey see – monkey do! My son can’t get enough of mine and my husband’s watches. I think this kid’s watch actually falls under the learning and playing categories. He’s adamant on taking the watch off of our wrists, but we both wear our watches for work.. To avoid the arguments, it was best he got his own watch!
  • You can always vote. for the ever favorite Playdoh or Slime! I can’t stand the feeling of slime, but so many kids are nuts about it. Both of these are wonderful for younger children to use as sensory toys for independent play, or you can help them learn colors and shapes with cookie cutters.
  • One of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas is tickets for an experience! Kids get over toys fast, but the memories made at a day at the zoo never get old. A few ideas for an experience gift are a movie night at home or a trip for ice cream.

Presents for learning

For kids, educational presents usually double as fun stuff anyways since everything is one big adventure. I do want to make sure my son gets things that he can use to grow his little brain.

  • Crayon eggs are a stocking stuffer must have. These are perfect for toddlers because they fit in the palm of their hands. Plus, I feel a little bit safer with crayons than I do markers haha.
  • This wooden puzzle can help your toddler learn multiple things, and I’m all about toys with multiple functions! A classic Montessori learning puzzle, and it is the perfect stocking stuffer. You can teach your little one stacking, colors, shapes, numbers, and more! As another plus, the durability of wooden toys is a huge plus.

Day to Day necessities

As a young child I never understood why my grandparents would send clothes or boring things for Christmas, but as an adult it is all I ask for! I appreciate the fact that they sent me basic necessities, and I think we should all strive to include things like that in our children’s Christmas presents.

  • A toothbrush with their favorite character
  • Bedroom nightlight
  • Favorite snack
  • Pair of pjs
  • Slippers

So who is ready for Christmas? I need to figure out what kind of stocking holders I’m going to get for our TV stand… That is if I want to fight the toddler from pulling them down all season long lol.

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This year's very best toddler stocking stuffer ideas! #christmasgiftguide #toddlergiftguide #giftsforkids #toddlertoys #toddlerchristmaspresent #educationaltoys #stockingstufferideas
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