Valentine’s Day Care Package Themes for Military Families

Happy New Year everyone! It may seem a little early to be talking about Valentine’s Day care package ideas, but believe me, it is going to sneak up on you. Before you know it it’ll be February 1st, and if you’re mailing a package overseas then you definitely need to give it extra time to get wherever it is going.

Sea to Sea with Love has the cutest Valentine's Day care package stickers. #valentinesday #carepackage #militaryfamily #milspouse #milso #militarygirlfriend #stickerkit #carepackagedecor #deploymentpackage

If you’re a good military spouse, then you’re sending your loved one a Valentine’s Day care package. I am TOTALLY kidding about that. You’ve got a million other things on your plate while someone you care about is deployed. Valentine’s Day candy is overpriced and the holiday totally isn’t important to the longevity of your relationship. Care packages are just a small way to send a special surprise to whoever you know that is deployed!

Valentine’s Day Care Package Stickers

I’ve teamed up with Rachelle over at Sea to Sea with Love to bring you some awesome Valentine’s Day themed care package decorations. As a Navy wife herself, she specializes in easy-to-use stickers to help you send the coolest care packages. Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram as well so you’re the first to see her giveaways. You’re going to want to keep Sea to Sea with Love around for your sticker needs for all the holidays and occasions.

Rachelle was sweet enough to send me some pictures for this year’s sticker releases! I’m a big fan of the funny themed stickers, but there is something for everyone. She also does custom stickers, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Valentine's Day sticker kits to help you make the most perfect care package for your loved one overseas. #valentinesday #carepackage #militaryfamily #milspouse #milso #militarygirlfriend
More than 5 Valentine's Day sticker kits to help you make the most perfect care package for your loved one overseas. #valentinesday #carepackage #militaryfamily #milspouse #milso #militarygirlfriend #stickerkit #carepackagedecor #deploymentpackage

Goodies to send overseas

I would check out all of Rachelle’s stickers and choose a theme to go with, and then pick out all of the goodies you’re going to include!

  • A card that you can record a message in
  • A picture of your pets
  • Fake flowers (they won’t die on the trip!)

Valentine’s Day care packages are typically all of the lovey, sappy, heart-felt gifts.. I am a huge fan of funny gag gifts. If you think of something thats hilarious and perfect for a funny care package, then please leave a comment below!

More than 5 Valentine's Day sticker kits to help you make the most perfect care package for your loved one overseas- including this one that your kids can color. #valentinesday #carepackage #militaryfamily #milspouse #milso #militarygirlfriend #stickerkit #carepackagedecor #deploymentpackage #militarybrat

Reminder tidbits

If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out my article on packing care packages to keep your items safe while they’re making their way overseas. You don’t want to send something that ends up spoiled, broken, or leaking.

I also have an article about The Best Deployment Care Package Contents if you’re ever looking to send a care package that isn’t specifically holiday themed! Have fun with them, service members really look forward to receiving mail!

Care packages aren’t a cheap adventure, but they can really be fun to create. What theme are you going with for Valentine’s Day? Something funny, something emotional? How about something a little risqué?

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