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A Review of the Wild Georgia Safari Park

I recently took a trip out to the Wild Georgia Safari Park in Metter, Georgia.. To say I enjoyed myself is an understatement!

This little family owned business in the middle of no where is definitely one of my recommendations for family-friendly activities near Savannah, Georgia.

Where is the Wild Georgia Safari Park?

The Wild Georgia Safari Park is located in Metter, Georgia. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the park from Savannah. We got on the highway in Pooler, and the rest of the drive was a straight shot. It is easily accessible for families that live around the Savannah / Pooler / Richmond Hill area.

The park is most definitely in the middle of no where, but it didn’t disappoint. Take a left off of the highway exit and a right into a small gas station.. If all you see are goats, then you’re in the right place!

The full address to the park is 26127 GA Hwy 57 South Metter, Georgia 30439.

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What is there to do?

You have two options for fun at the park.

The first option: I absolutely recommend going on the safari ride. Its only about $10 per person, and you spend about 45 minutes riding around. You can buy a bag of feed for the larger animals inside the gas station where you pay for your tickets. They pick you up in a corn-filled, windowless, seen better days church van. If you giggled at that, then you’ve got the right idea. I loved every minute of it. The young man that drove us around to see the animals had the thickest southern accident to top it all off!

The second option: There is a small petting zoo where you can come up close with some goats, ducks, birds, and a tortoise. You can buy feed for the petting zoo inside the gas station for only one dollar.

The only let down

I was a little saddened by the fact that they didn’t have more animals, but it is more important to me that the animals are taken care of!

Here in Savannah we drive 30 minutes to count Alligators, so even if you only see 2 animals it is an upgrade!

Super fun day trip idea for families near Savannah, Georgia. A short drive outside of Pooler, Richmond Hill, or Savannah Georgia is a drive-thru safari park where you can feed the wild animals! #camel #safariride #pettingzoo #wildanimals #feedingwildanimals #smallbusiness

I fed Zebras, almost kissed a cow, and laughed until my stomach hurt. It was worth every minute. I will absolutely take another trip out to see the Wild Georgia Safari Park.

Use their Facebook to check out the specifics about the park, and make sure they’re open before you take the drive out there.

Make sure you’re supporting small businesses in your area whenever you can!

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